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Flowering Stimulant

  1. Renew Bio Stimulant

    This Renew Bio Stimulant contains highly purified humic acids derived from humin. It is enriched with vitamins, polysaccharides, amino acids and proteins. These ingredients revitalize and improve the structure of the rhizosphere, thereby, promoting root growth and vegetative- productive balance. We offer these stimulants to clients in excellent packaging at competitive price.
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  2. Plant Growth Promoter

    These Plant Growth Promoters are natural substances, widely used in agriculture industry. It is high in demand for improving the overall health growth and development of plants. Obtained from biological derivatives like animal waste, fish waste and plant proteins like maize, soyabean and groundnut, these substances are highly effective in improving the crop, quality and productivity significantly. It is widely recommended for all crops and plants.
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  3. Plant Growth Regulator

    This Plant Growth Regulator is referred to as plant hormones. Offered to clients in air tight packaging, these plant regulator compounds function as chemical messengers for intercellular communication in plants. Work together for coordinating the growth and development of cells, it is also known as PGR. A natural or synthetically derived chemical, it is sprayed on the plant in order to alter its characteristics.
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  4. Flowering Stimulant

    Flowering Stimulant is widely used to enhance the color, appearance, size and various other properties flowers. By enhancing plant cover, this stimulant induces profound flowering, thus increasing the quality and yield. Increased flowering results in increased fruiting resulting in a better crop. This stimulant compound is useful for various crops including wheat, cotton, chillies, soya bean, tomatoes, brinjal, and other vegetables.
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  5. Liquid Soil Conditioner

    The Liquid Soil Conditioner is highly beneficial for clay or compacted soils. This soil conditioner is widely used to replace the requirement for mechanical or core aeration. This compound improves drainage, rooting and overall plant health. Contains natural compounds such as humic acids, seaweed and molasses, this soil conditioner improves soil structure in lawns and gardens.
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  6. Riyagro Flowering Stimulant

    This Riyagro Flowering Stimulant is widely used for reducing the pre- dropping of flower in crops. In addition, it also stimulates flower generation about 20-30% and provides additional energy for better yield. This stimulant is highly recommended for plantations of apple, mango, banana, orange, chilli, brinjal, potato, tomato, bitter gourd, lady finger, bottle gourd, sesame, cotton, cumin, ground nut, water melon, sugarcane, wheat, paddy, onion, garlic, gerbera, rose, sun flower, like all oil seed & many other horticulture crops. 
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  7. Ringam Biostimulant

    Our wide stock of Ringam Biostimulant includes diverse formulations of compounds, substances and micro-organisms.These bio- stimulants are widely used to apply on plants or soils. This improves the crop vigour, yields, quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses. It is best known to foster plant growth and development throughout the crop life cycle from seed germination to plant maturity.
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